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We Development Starter Kit - Cover
If you loved my articles on, you're going to love the next project I am working on: "Web Development Starter Kit" -It's a short book on how to start web/software development nowadays and it covers aspects like:
  • How the web and websites work
  • Building a static or a dynamic website?
  • Building fully responsive websites
  • Steps in creating a complete website: from project planning, mocking up, through hosting
  • Frontend and Backend development, UI Design, and UX
  • Graphic designing basics for web development
  • Single Page Applications and Progressive Web Applications
  • Content writing and editing, Usability and accessibility, and SEO
  • Places for good and trending resources, and how to use them
...all through practical examples, and simple projects. It will also include CSS, Javascript, PHP, tips on how to get your first clients, and how to work as a freelancer.
Ahmed Salifou - Author

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Hey! I am Ahmed S. Amidou, also known as zooboole. Full-Stack & Full time Web Developer, creator of and

I am always learning and sharing what discover at the same time. A big fan of electronics.